Gregynog Hall

Gregynog Hall

12 November 2014

Worldwide participants with wide-ranging interests

Bookings for the 2015 Ideas Lab are arriving from participants across the world--from Canada and the USA to Australia and New Zealand.  And participants' interests are wide-ranging as well. They include, so far, topics such as democratization; modernization in Japan, China and South Korea; the intersection between mobility and security; the politics of classification; contemporary protests such as Occupy and the 2013 protests in Turkey and Bulgaria; rationalities of the person; cosmopolitanism, humanitarianism and the UNHCR; the consequences of economic growth; and transitional justice. Approaches include Foucauldian governmentality; narrative and storytelling; Gramscian theory; post/decolonialism; genealogy; aesthetics; psychoanalysis...and many more.

Join us to meet and talk in a wonderful environment conducive to discussion and debate--and the forging of new collaborations--in the company of our eminent guest professors.

Early booking will allow you to take advantage of our reduced registration rates, and you can secure a place with a non-refundable deposit of £100 whilst you firm up funding arrangements.  For more details click on the information to the right on this page, and for help with booking or for further enquiries contact Yvonne Rinkart on

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