Gregynog Hall

Gregynog Hall

04 March 2015

Amazing group of participants for Ideas Lab IV

We have an amazing group of people signed up for Ideas Lab IV this year. Participants come from a range of places including North America, Asia, Australia/New Zealand and various parts of Europe. So far—and unusually—South America is not directly represented, but we hope this will change. If you are thinking of joining us, places are still available, and bookings can be made online.

To whet your appetite and give you a flavour of the group this year, people’s interests range across, among other topics: the international mobility regime; the politics of classification; post/decolonial political thought; rationalities of the person/forms of political subjectivity; the consequences of economic growth; democratization; the use of the macabre; the politics of historiography; belonging; truth and justice; peace in the city; the security politics of counter-terrorism; the legal process; feminist IPE; post-conflict interventions; internally displaced persons; violence-trauma-violence cycles; visuality, scripts, and remediation; memory and memorialisation; the maritime sphere.

Among the specific empirical sites participants are working are protests in Turkey and Bulgaria; Japanese, South Korean and Chinese modernization; Australian immigration detention; Russian media; the postwar cities of Belfast, Mostar and Mitrovica; climate change in the Arctic; peacebuilding in East Asia; enforced disappearances in Brazil; the mediation of atrocity in Alfredo Jaar's Tonight No Poetry Will Serve; contemporary memorialisation in Mexico. The range of methodological/theoretical approaches is equally impressive: narrative, psychoanalysis, aesthetics, genealogy, governmentality, gender/queer theory, feminism, ethics, Continental European social and political theory, deconstruction, trauma theory, post-colonialism, African political thought.

For more information about the programme and the Ideas Lab in general, see the links on this site.  For questions and queries, contact Yvonne Rinkart by emailing

We look forward to seeing you in the summer!!

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